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Guide For Changing SSH Port In Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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If Security enhanced server or SELinux is enabled on your sever, there is a default feature that comes equipped with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux is responsible for blocking every port that provides access to SSH, port 22 is an exception that is offered with this capability as default. While working with the Linux web servers, there might be instances when you have to change the SSH Port.

If you would like to utilize any other port, you will have to make some changes in the settings. He steps mentioned below will help you in terms of changing your SSH port in SELinux. read more

How To Deal With The Error – ‘412 Precondition Failed’?

The ‘412 Precondition Failed’ error message may be displayed on any of the web pages of your website when you are trying to access it. It is shown because the respective web page is incompatible with certain security principles that the server has. These principles are generally utilized in order to protect the websites hosted over the server from any of the malicious activities. It is a part of the server management process.

The most common cause of this error is the mod_security setting. This response will be sent by the mod_security module when any portion of the data requested over the web has the possibilities to be malicious. read more

Dealing With The Loading Issue Of Plesk Control Panel

Plesk is a highly efficient web server administration control panel. It is offered with the Windows web hosting platform. At times you may come across the situation where the Plesk control panel might not load.

If you are not able to login into Plesk, refer the process mentioned below:


If you encounter the error message mentioned below, it means you are using more memory space than what is allotted to you:

[emerg] (22)Invalid argument: could not call shmget

In this situation, you have to increase the value of ‘shmall’ in the ‘/etc/sysctl.conf’ file. Edit this file and increase the value with the following command: read more

How To Reset The Plesk Admin Password Through Shell?

Passwords are usually case sensitive. If a user doesn’t remember a password, he might face a really bad situation

Follow the process mentioned below in order to reser the Plesk root password using Shell and Command Prompt

The procedure of resetting the Plesk (Linux Server) root password through Shell:

[[email protected] root]# cd /usr/local/psa/admin/bin

[[email protected] bin]# ./ch_admin_passwd —help

./ch_admin_passwd: Utility for setting the Plesk administrator’s password

This fetches password from the environment variable PSA_PASSWORD read more