Advantages of cPanel For Reseller Web Hosting

By | April 19, 2011

There are so many hosting plans in the market. Most of the users who wish to sign up for reseller hosting services get confused when they select their hosting plan. Some commonly hosting plans are shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, colocation hosting. In addition to the above, there  is one more very affordable solution: That is cPanel reseller hosting. There are many advantages of cPanel Reseller Hosting. Those are as follows :

1. Easy To Use : Ease of use and maintenance are the two most popular reasons why most resellers start with cPanel Linux hosting. Its a great way to start for those who are not tech savvy- Linux cPanel hosting is available with a easy to understand graphical user interface (GUI). All the files, features and tools for the hosting account are represented with icons. Even users with minimum technical knowledge can easily manage their reseller cPanel account.

2.Multi Functional : An easy to use,  efficient application quickly gains popularity with users. Cpanel is one such web control panel that is highly feature rich, easy to use and very secure. Moreover it comes packed with automated scripts to further ease backup tasks, file transfers, databases transfers and backups, etc. With the help of a few clicks, users can easily accomplish most crucial tasks to manage their hosting account.

3.Good Security : cPanel is very easy to use and also a very secure web panel software. Its important to ensure that your web management software is highly secure so that it is not susceptible to attacks from hackers and malicious scripts, etc. A secure web panel will protect your website and data from being corrupted or stolen. And having a really secure web panel will help your sit back and relax.

So, if you want user friendly, multi functional, secure web panel software with your hosting plan then you should select  cPanel Reseller Hosting.