A Guide to Magento and WordPress Integration


If you are an e-store owner, you might be finding it difficult to publish an audience-attractive content. No wonder product definitions/descriptions are a must but it isn’t essential if that sort of content will attract any loyal visitor. With Google becoming more sophisticated and social media becoming a dominant source of referrals, it is essential for the retailers of e-stores to gear up with content publishing, if they want to retain existing buyers as well as drive in new customers.

Magento can be utilized as blogging platform with some available add-ons but if one integrates a platform specifically for content publication then there are several advantages of it. Turning WordPress into an ecommerce store is surely possible but with Magento the retailer gets flexibility and functionality which is quite tough to be acquired on a platform designed for content management. The right way is to integrate the WordPress blog in your Magento store instead of installing WordPress separately, as the data you want requires synchronization. But both ways will be explained here.

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How to control bandwidth in Linux?


Trickle and WonderShaper:

When we start working on a lot machines specifically Linux servers, it is interesting to know how we can control or limit the bandwidth. This can be useful in different contexts, for an instance, as part of a dedicated server or shared server infrastructure where we can control a download or app taking all traffic over other network users. It could very well put QoS or other technologies, but the tools that we are going to see in this post allow putting a limitation on the bandwidth which normally used pretty quickly and easily in Linux.

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How Does R1Soft Backup Work?

The Internet is Internet and many things can happen so it’s good to have an off-site backup solution like R1Soft for data protection. bodHOST’s R1Soft system will enable you to restore files and folders to your account at barely a few clicks. The R1Soft console panel offered by us can help you to restore files, folders or even entire disk from Disk safe panel. Even, I would say R1Soft backup solution is the bee’s knees. Why I am saying this? Check the below steps and decide whether my claim is right or wrong!

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Linux Server Security Audit with LBSA

linux_servers First of all we will see what LBSA is: The security of Linux system often requires regular testing with various settings and configurations that are also often common to several systems. For an instance, you have large Linux server farm on which you want to change the default port for the SSH service, it may be useful to have a tool that allows to quickly check whether the configuration has been made. This is where LBSA (Linux Security Audit Basic Script) can be used.

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How to optimize image online in Linux?


Online image optimization in Linux:

Image compression may have an interest in many situations. For example, while writing a web article in which we need compressed images to reduce the total weight of a web page. Image compression may also need while sending an email. For this it is worthwhile to know how to do it quickly from command line. So here we will see how to lighten images in PNG, JPEG/JPG format with various tools.

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Hyper-V Free Monitoring Tool

Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V is a monitoring utility for a Hyper-V host and its virtual machines. The objective of this free tool is to provide a task manager that lets you to view the use of resource in real-time, both for the host and VMs it contains.

It approaches the task manager to Windows, and in my opinion it is more appropriate that the information provided in the Hyper-V Manager.

What you should know before downloading Veeam Task Manager?

Before you begin, you should know that it needs to be installed on a client computer, the application requires operating systems > Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2.

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Automatically logoff a disconnected windows user

We come across with a query of automatically logging of a Windows user which is already disconnected. If you are also facing same issue, then check the following guidelines. Note: the steps for this starts from “Windows Group Policy”.

1) Log in to your Windows Server
2) Open “Group Policy” by running command through “Run” tab -> gpedit.msc
3) On the left side you will see “Administrative Templates” – Click on that option

disconnected windows user_1

4) On the right side there is “Windows Components” – Click on that file.
5) Now click on “Terminal Services”

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Linux process CPU usage monitoring

In this tutorial we will see how to collect CPU usage of a Linux process.

The main purpose behind this query is supervision or debugging. It would be convenient if you know how to retrieve CPU usage of a particular Linux process. It is often noticed people only check overall CPU usage on a machine, but don’t bother to analyze, which process is consuming more CPU time. Once they start focusing on which process consumes more CPU, then it will be helpful for them to optimize that process.

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