Zen Cart Security Tips

zen-cart-security-tipsWith the help several handy steps we can make a Zen Cart website secure. The following steps will guide you:

1 – /zc_install folder needs to be deleted

After the successful installation of Zen Cart, you can delete the /zc_install folder from your server. Simply delete that folder, do not rename it, because it will make you vulnerable if someone able to discover that renamed folder. After the installation and website testing, you should delete some other folders from your live website on the server: such as delete the /docs/ and /extras/ folders, as well as the /install.txt file.

2 – Rename the admin folder

By using FTP software or the File Manager option from the control panel find Zen Cart /admin/directory. read more

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eNlight Cloud Service Details

eNlight Cloud Service

What happens if my resource usage begins to exceed the original specifications of my eNlight VM?

If your VMs are put under a load that begins to impede on the performance of the virtual server as your resources begin to run low, additional resources from the Cloud will be automatically assigned in order to scale your VM.  In the case of this occurring, you will be billed for the additional resources required, but your VM will be automatically scaled back to its original resources once the load placed on is reduced.  You are able to set maximum scaling limits to limit your costs.

Am I able to run third-party applications in the eNlight environment?

Yes, you are able to run read more

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FAQs – CloudFlare CDN and PHP


1- How to install CloudFlare CDN on my domain?

Ans: To activate the CloudFlare CDN, you need to register the account for your domain as well as we need to install the mod_cloudflare apache module on your server.

2 – Is there any downtime while we are activating the CloudFlare CDN?

Ans: No you won’t face the down for the website.

3 – What will be effective or impacts (if any please specify).

Ans: Once your domain start using the CloudFlare service, all the traffic will be routed from the CloudFlare network, for more clarification, please refer the official website of CloudFlare for more information.

4 – Any other resources we need to upgrade.

Ans: We just need to install the mod_cloudflare Apache module on read more

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SSL FAQs – Why choose GlobalSign?

bodHOST GlobalSign SSLComparison of GlobalSign and Other Popular SSL Providers – Why choose GlobalSign?

GlobalSign is seen as being one of the world’s first providers of SSL certificates, having been established over 10 years ago with its initial target market being Europe. The company is now able to boast of a worldwide customer base and investor in the company includes Vodafone and ING Bank. Determining the SSL certificate plan that’s going to be the most suitable for your website can be a tricky business as the different levels of certificates available can be confusing and hard to understand, but GlobalSign offers a read more

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eNlight Cloud – Who can use it?

eNlight Cloud Who Can Use It
If you are currently using a VPS for your website and related services, then the eNlight Cloud could be the perfect solution to allow you to expand your online presence. With auto-scaling Virtual Machines and an order process with which you can configure the precise specifications that you require, eNlight represents a solution that can save you money whilst offering you a more powerful hosting service without compromising on uptime or security.
eNlight Virtual Machines represent the ideal environment for people read more

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