W3C. There are many things behind these 3 characters



W3C. Behind these three characters there are lots of things which cover key organizations on the web. But what do you know about this group? Test your knowledge here:

1 – The acronym W3C stands for Wide Web Consortium

2 – W3C group established in 1994

3 – American University, MIT was founded the W3C, though W3C is not an American consortium

4 – Coordinate with web developments is the main role of W3C.

5 – More than 200 web standards maintained by W3C.

6 – In 2014, W3C announced that they are working on online payment standards for the websites.

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Installing Malware Detect Software on CentOS

Today, we are going to see how to install “Maldet” on CentOS. Remember, ConfigServer eXploit Scanner (CXS) and Maldet plays an important role in the sever security. 

Installation steps for Linux Malware Virus Scanner:

To install the Maldet on specific source path:

#cd /usr/local/src/

First, download the tar file of Maldet using the following URL:

#wget http://www.rfxn.com/downloads/maldetect-current.tar.gz

To extract the file use the below command:

#tar -xzf maldetect-current.tar.gz

To enter the Maldet folder use:

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ConfigServer eXploit Scanner (CXS)

ConfigServer eXploit Scanner (CXS)_with_Logo

With the assistance of ConfigServer eXploit Scanner (in short CXS) tool you can perform active scanning of files which are uploaded to the server. This tool also allows to execute on demand scanning of files / directories / and the user accounts that supposed to be exploited, viruses and doubtful resources. You can scan existing users data to check if there any exploits have been uploaded in the past or through the methods that not covered by the active scanning. This tool is specifically made to increase server performance and scalability.

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Cost Consideration – eNlight Cloud Service

eNlight Cost Consideration

Does eNlight requite a license?

FYI, eNlight is a proprietary platform that we have developed in-house. Because of this and the fact that you are paying to receive the service from us anyway, there are no licenses required to use eNlight cloud virtualization platform.

Can you provide invoices for balances that have been carried forward?

Invoices are only generated when you credit your eNlight account with additional funds.  Balances can be used and carried forward until the account balance is 0.

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Zen Cart Security Tips

Zen Cart Security Tips

With the help several handy steps we can make a Zen Cart website secure. The following steps will guide you:

1 – /zc_install folder needs to be deleted

After the successful installation of Zen Cart, you can delete the /zc_install folder from your server. Simply delete that folder, do not rename it, because it will make you vulnerable if someone able to discover that renamed folder. After the installation and website testing, you should delete some other folders from your live website on the server: such as delete the /docs/ and /extras/ folders, as well as the /install.txt file.

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